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Totally inspired by Swedish artist Camilla Engman and her found envelope collages. Gonna start mailing myself a letter from every RAD AND HUNGRY sourcing trip so I can recreate our World Tour! 


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Picasso, Kant, Mozart and another 23 creative minds and their daily schedule broken down and turned into a series of infographics. My daily routine is close to how Picasso do. How about you? Whose schedule is most similar to how you do?


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It’s taken a whole lotta control to not bombard our Facebook and Instagram with all things World Cup. Every four years, for an entire month, everything in my life is second to fútbol. I can’t help it – World Cup has a way of consuming me. I obsess about players, I devour stats, I dream of visiting each stadium… AND I lose my shit over team kits!

Team USA’s home jersey? Hate it. Best typeface? Nature of Believing by Eduardo Manso for Puma. Best game? Cameroon vs Croatia. The two best kits of World Cup 2014 facing off. Croatia may have won the match with 4 goals, but Cameron totally won on the kits front.

So imagine my excitement when the super talented Pablo Hannon of Hectica / Things I Like a Lot contacted me about a World Cup jersey exchange! Pablo proposed that we each design a jersey for our birth country. He would design a jersey for Chile, and I would design one for South Korea. No requirements or restrictions for the design but there was one rule – only 45 minutes of playtime. Game on!

Didn’t really know what to expect from 45 minutes of designing at a frantic pace. Final whistle blown (with a few minutes of overage), I saved my work and emailed it to Pablo, and he emailed me his design.


I drew inspiration from Korea’s past and future. Pulled together old school roots reflecting hanboks, the traditional clothing of Korea, with palace guard uniforms. The geometric pattern reflects both traditional embroidery and technology. An outline of Korea is knocked out of the pattern on the left and the heart of the Korean flag,Taegeuk, is placed proudly over the heart. 


Pablo’s approach? “Stencil shaped futuristic font for the number and last name handwritten by the player self. Rorschach stains of national colours to accentuate the muscles of the player, and also to scare and impress the opponent through the hypnotising graphic pattern – confusing via the slightly mixed colours of back and front (more blue in the front and more red in the back).”

So tell us – which jerseys do you prefer? The official Korea and Chile World Cup 2014 jerseys or the RAH X TILAL jerseys? And if you want Pablo’s take on the design-off, check out his blog post!

Yurt life on our mind… We love Mocho from Portuguese designers João Timóteo and Helena Fernandes. Taking log benches next level with modular stands. Design incorporates a removable saw! Yup, we’re down with glamping!


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The USA Booster Pack? It’s just beggin’ you to start writing some letters.

These vintage stamps (from 1962!) can NOT be missed. Celebratin’ the 50th anniversary of Arizona’s addition as the 48th US state, these beautifully textured bad boys were specially printed on a Giori press. Stick ‘em on one of the retro Air Mail envelopes (included in the Booster Pack), write up a letter using the American Naturals pencil (also included!) and get ready to impress the postman.



Yurt Life is a state of mind – and its home turf be summer. We’ve got the goods to get you day dreaming and scheming. One 1940’s-hailin’ pen, two pocket-sized memo pads, a big honkin’ clip, and five manila pockets to collect all your goodies. It’s STMT X USA!RAD AND HUNGRY STMT X USA KitRAD AND HUNGRY STMT X USA Kit


This batch of office supplies? 100% inspired by our road trip to the desert. Where we stayed in a YURT! And not just any yurt – a yurt in the middle of a vineyard, at the edge of the Columbia Gorge (helloooo, amazing views!), with golf carts rollin’ around to pick you up and give tours.

Obviously a far cry from camping (#glamping for life!), but something about the desert surroundings made us think of old-school camping supplies – the metal plates and dishes, the green of Boy Scout uniforms, the days when you’d head out when a pen and notepad and catalog all the cool shit you found. We had to make the USA Kit travel friendly – ready to go on an adventure at a moment’s notice. It’s the Yurt Life, in office supply form. Ready for you to find your adventure.



The Low Down – STMT X USA

We barely crossed over the mountaintop when the trees stopped and the mercury climbed. Hit the desert and the first thing we need? Ice cream. Problem was, we couldn’t find it. Our phones failed us, showin’ no results. Only thing we could find was froyo. Froyo? Hell no. ICE CREAM. 


Know how we found it? The local visitor center. Old school, lo fi. Walked in, asked the lady at the desk. She pointed us down the road. We walked for close to an hour, but then we found it, an oasis in the desert. Local, homemade ice cream – dozens of flavors, dozens of options. (Most popular item on the menu? Extreme Bullz 101, a cray-zay mix of Monster Energy drinks and flavored syrup. Hello, college town!). Hen got salted caramel ice cream – I got strawberry, real, FRESH strawberries mixed right in.

What soon became the M.O. of the trip – ditch the smartphones, ask the locals. Which always happens when we’re abroad. But back home, whether you mean to or not, you rely on that handy little internetz in your pocket. Why ask someone when you can ask Google? Why rely on one person’s opinion when you got the collective opinion of Yelp?

Because that one person knows the local hot spots. People know the holes-in-the-walls, the authentic places, the cheap places, the places everyone goes to on a Friday night when they want to get some serious grub on.


After lazin’ all day in the sun, exploring the desert, hangin’ in our yurt (YES, a YURT!), we wanted easy, simple, and in-yo-face delicious dinner. Our phones told us the only dinner restaurant nearby was a fancy four-star place. Oh, but ask the awesome wine guy where he’d recommend? A Mexican grocery shop/deli, a 15 minute drive away. Was it THE best pork torta I’ve ever had in my life? Hard to say. Top 5, for sure. 

Next day, same thing – asked the gal at the front desk where we could get some ice cream. She gave us directions to another Mexican place, off a side street in a quiet part of town. (AKA, NEVER would have found it on our own). Behind the counter were homemade popsicles, and in the back were women whippin’ up more ice cream. (We chose coffee ice cream, that day. In case you’re keepin’ tabs.) 

Since old school became the theme of the trip – old school HAD to be the theme of the goods. We went with gear that reminds us of old-school camping supplies (or #glamping, in our case) – the classic green of the memo pad, the official ‘click’ of the pen, the honkin’ big metal clip holding all the goodies you pick up on the road. (Sage. We wanted to bring back ALL THE SAGE.) 

Yurt Life is a state of mind – and its home turf is summer. Take your goods and find an adventure. Ask the locals. Eat lots of ice cream. Tell us the flavors. 

oxxo, Laura


(STMT X USA Sourcing Trip - photos RAD AND HUNGRY)

The Hunt is on! The clue :: The Columbia Gorge was used by Lewis and Clark to reach the Pacific. Correctly name the country that Lewis and Clark explored – and tell us your fave adventurers – and we’ll put your name in a drawing to be Champ tomorrow, at 9am PDT.
Tweet your answer to @radandhungry, or post to Facebook. Champion of the Hunt wins a custom kit filled of awesomeness sourced from the July 2014 source country.

The Hunt is on! The clue :: The Columbia Gorge was used by Lewis and Clark to reach the Pacific. Correctly name the country that Lewis and Clark explored – and tell us your fave adventurers – and we’ll put your name in a drawing to be Champ tomorrow, at 9am PDT.


Tweet your answer to @radandhungry, or post to Facebook. Champion of the Hunt wins a custom kit filled of awesomeness sourced from the July 2014 source country.




When’s the last time you fell in love? Do you remember the moment? Was it when you spied that person from across the room? When that hook kicked in on that song? When you took that first bite?

I remember the day, the exact moment I fell in love with football (not the American version, although we of course got Seahawks love!). June 5th, 2002, 6:04pm in Suwon, South Korea. Team USA stunned the world when O’Brien scored US’s first goal against Team Portugal, the favorites to win their group. No one expected the US to score, let alone score 3 goals. Against all odds, USA beat Portugal, 3-2.

World Cup 2002 USA vs PortugalRAD AND HUNGRY STMT X Korea Kit

USA’s win over Portugal remains one of the biggest World Cup upsets ever. I didn’t realize the impact till later, sitting at a bar drinking with USA fans from all over the world. People kept shouting that I didn’t and I couldn’t understand how huge the win was, how important and impossible the win was for US soccer. MLS was 7 years young, Seattle didn’t have the Sounders, and the idea of top international players coming Stateside to play in the MLS was a pipe dream (Villa!!!).

12 years later, I’ve beaten my own set of impossible odds – I’ve watched soccer in 9 countries and visited stadiums in another 4. The World Tour doesn’t just feed my love of office supplies – it feeds my love of football.

RAD AND HUNGRY STMT X Ecuador KitRAH World Tour - Estadio Olímpico Atahualpa, Quito, Ecuador

Ecuador’s national team secured their spot in World Cup 2002 at Estadio Olímpico Atahualpa.

RAH World Tour - Milan, Italy at San SiroRAD AND HUNGRY STMT X Italy Kit

One of the best-know stadiums for any football fan – San Siro!


Hilarious and super rad - In Extremis photo series! Italian photographer Sandro Giordano creates the ultimate face plant, over and over again. 


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