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I love to cook and I love books. It’s only natural that I pick up a few cookbooks every country I visit? Right? Didn’t buy any during our trip to Chile (all the food fails?). But I wish I spotted the awesome cookbook, Chile in One Bite – I would totally have nabbed one! The super clean design and clever book cover makes me wanna stop what I’m doing and test one of the recipes.


(images Camila Candia) 

All sorts of crazy love for these fantastic collages from French duo Bingo. 


(via Booooooom - images Bingo)

If you were asked to design the brand identity and packaging for a pencil company, what would it look like? We know what designer and letterer Winston Scully would do… type driven and classy. Too bad Imperial Pencil Co. is a class project. We wouldn’t mind adding a one of the Imperial Pencil Co. boxes to our pencil box collection!



Mind playing tricks on you? Yup. Awesome Fakus pencil cases are super flat yet totally 3D. It’s like Roy Lichtenstein & Mondrian making babies… aka pencils cases that are graphic, bold, and totally rad!


(via designboom)

When was the last time you looked at a chunk of wood and was like… I’m gonna carve a stash of office supplies out of you? Like never? Thank goodness Camilla Barnard did because her office supply sculptures are super rad!!


(via Swissmiss)

We must have a Cork Globe. Have you seen the RAH World Tour map? It’s the perfect addition to RAH HQ! 


(via Swissmiss - images Suck)

More than just a map, Famille Summerbelle provides a different sort of guide to cities they love. Wanna tour the quirky side of Paris life… or how about spotting references to Woody Allen movies in New York City? Or how about the spots in London they find super special? But you better take notes because these pieces of art are way too special to fold up and stick in your back pocket!


(via CreativeRoots - photos Familee Summerbelle)

What do you reminisce about when thinking about a vacation? The things you did or the things you saw? Or maybe you’re like us and it’s all about what you grubbed on?


Obvious State’s travel-poster-inspired illustrations of Paris perfectly pair the things you do and the things you see. They ”focus on the moments that you enjoy now and remember fondly later, rather than on the monuments, which instead serve only as an architectural backdrop.”


(via CreativeRoots - images Obvious State)

World map made of 3,000 coins from Swedish graphic design studio Bedow. Each continent is made up of coins reppin’ countries in the continent. Rad? Hellz yeah!


(photos Bedow)

Yes. I am.
Awesomeness from designer Justin Harder.
(via Grain Edit)

Yes. I am.


Awesomeness from designer Justin Harder.


(via Grain Edit)