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Yurt Life is a state of mind – and its home turf be summer. Grab an STMT X USA Kit and find an adventure!

Yurt Life is a state of mind – and its home turf be summer. Grab an STMT X USA Kit and find an adventure!





World Cup 2014 ended but I still got World Cup on my mind. Belgium eliminating the US? Totally heartbreaking but I’m still beaming with pride over Tim Howard’s amazing performance. Hello?! 16 saves – the most saves in a match in World Cup history! Yes, I fully endorse Howard for Secretary of Defense of the United States.  


Once the US vs Belgium match was announced, Pablo Hannon of Hectica / Things I Like a Lot  suggested another World Cup collab. A second collab seemed fated since our home countries were set to battle. And really, why stop at one when our first World Cup collab was so much fun? Pablo suggested that we rethink the fútbol pitch. The goal? Design 4 pitches in 45 minutes of playtime. How would we change the design? How would the design change gameplay? Game on!




When something is so ingrained, when it’s the only way, how do you change it up? My approach – change the basic shape of the fútbol pitch. Replace the rectangle with differents shapes, all equally elementary in form.

Square — 2 cross field running goalies and 2 players do 4 sets of 15 minutes.
 Circle — The circle is the goal and scoring points are added depending on the angle/slice it is shot from.
 Hexagon — No goalie, 2 x 3 players have 30 minutes to score as many goals as possible without stopping the game. A high fence stops the ball from going out.
 Rectangle — Only 1 player of each team is allowed in the stretched triangle, the goalie in his own rectangle and the rest is the rest.



Pablo’s approach? Play. Perfectly Pablo. Check out his blog post for his take on the design-off!

2 x 3 — Each team has 3 players. The keeper needs to take risk and escape his zone to form triangles towards the other goal. Corners are given in the 1/3rd circle. The ball can not cross the mid line via a pass or a kick to the goal.
 Dutchy — Every half another team defends the only goal there is.
 Back to Back — Both goals are placed back to back. Teams are formed of 1 keeper and 4 players. This game is played at the equator only and between 11h30 and 12h30 to have 90° straight shadows.
 Corner — This game emphasises the skills of taking a good corner and counter attacking instantly. A corner is dangerous for both teams.
 Speedy — The field is exactly the same as now, only there is a plexi glass ice hockey shield on the long sides. Attack speed is increased.


So tell us – what do you think of our pitches? Do they inspire you to go play?

Picasso, Kant, Mozart and another 23 creative minds and their daily schedule broken down and turned into a series of infographics. My daily routine is close to how Picasso do. How about you? Whose schedule is most similar to how you do?


(via Fast Company)


It’s taken a whole lotta control to not bombard our Facebook and Instagram with all things World Cup. Every four years, for an entire month, everything in my life is second to fútbol. I can’t help it – World Cup has a way of consuming me. I obsess about players, I devour stats, I dream of visiting each stadium… AND I lose my shit over team kits!

Team USA’s home jersey? Hate it. Best typeface? Nature of Believing by Eduardo Manso for Puma. Best game? Cameroon vs Croatia. The two best kits of World Cup 2014 facing off. Croatia may have won the match with 4 goals, but Cameron totally won on the kits front.

So imagine my excitement when the super talented Pablo Hannon of Hectica / Things I Like a Lot contacted me about a World Cup jersey exchange! Pablo proposed that we each design a jersey for our birth country. He would design a jersey for Chile, and I would design one for South Korea. No requirements or restrictions for the design but there was one rule – only 45 minutes of playtime. Game on!

Didn’t really know what to expect from 45 minutes of designing at a frantic pace. Final whistle blown (with a few minutes of overage), I saved my work and emailed it to Pablo, and he emailed me his design.


I drew inspiration from Korea’s past and future. Pulled together old school roots reflecting hanboks, the traditional clothing of Korea, with palace guard uniforms. The geometric pattern reflects both traditional embroidery and technology. An outline of Korea is knocked out of the pattern on the left and the heart of the Korean flag,Taegeuk, is placed proudly over the heart. 


Pablo’s approach? “Stencil shaped futuristic font for the number and last name handwritten by the player self. Rorschach stains of national colours to accentuate the muscles of the player, and also to scare and impress the opponent through the hypnotising graphic pattern – confusing via the slightly mixed colours of back and front (more blue in the front and more red in the back).”

So tell us – which jerseys do you prefer? The official Korea and Chile World Cup 2014 jerseys or the RAH X TILAL jerseys? And if you want Pablo’s take on the design-off, check out his blog post!

Vevu Clicquot’s Mail Collection?! Who doesn’t want a bottle of fancy bubbly delivered in beautiful and clever packaging?


Drooling over the Clutch – it resembles an everyday office envelope AND holds a bottle of bubbly. Rad! And the Mailbox? Super cute. Would it be too much, too cray-cray if I used the Mailbox for my mailbox? The Envelope and Express seem a bit boring compared to the other designs but I still think they’re amazing. Boxes dolled up with vintage stamps and international postal labels? Hellz yeah!  


(via designboom)

We’re not reppin’ one country this month… ‘cause we’re reppin’ World Cup! That counts, right? 


I rarely remember the names of stadiums I’ve visited and have never wanted a souvenir of one. But these posters of World Cup 2014 stadiums by Portugal-based artist and architect Andre Chiote make me wanna start a collection. Super lovin’ his bold, clean graphic style. 


(via designboom)

Crazy cool vessels made of pencils from Finnish designer Tuomas Markunpoika. Always blown away when someone can take a pencil, a daily diet good, and transform it into something far from basic. 


(via designboom)


FrankensteinAlienJawsEdward ScissorhandsFahrenheit 451Bonnie and ClydeDraculaThe Man Who Would Be KingThe Curious Case of Benjamin Button


Paper in various weights and textures manipulated to create movie posters. Magic, yes? Love this genius from Spanish design firm atipo.


(via designboom)

Thought the Seahawk’s plane for Super Bowl was gangsta. But it’s got nothing on Team Brazil’s World Cup plane! Tricked out by the talented Brazilian duo, Os Gemeos.


(via designboom)


Whether you check out our Seattle city guide or got your own plans, one thing’s for sure – summer break is almost here. Which means your kids will be out of school. And have to be entertained. Oh shit.

Don’t worry, we got your back.

RAD AND HUNGRY RAD BAG / Custom Kid EditionRAD AND HUNGRY RAD BAG / Custom Kid Edition

Custom Kid Rad Bags, just in time for summer! These limited-edition Rad Bags come in Korean plastic bags with dope type-driven design. And the best thing about ‘em? Zip up the closure, and everything stays put – perfect for packing up the kids’ goodies for a road trip! (You can even make a road-trip game with the bags – fill in the letter blanks with objects you see on the drive!)

Each Custom Kid Rad Bag holds 3-7 school supplies, and we handpick them based on age range. Don’t wait until you’re pulling your hair out at yet another “Are we there yet?” Nab one of these bad boys now.