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Can’t stop obsessing over Hannah Waldron’s woven maps! The maps operate less as a guide for exploring a city – instead they map a journey. Her journey through various cities around the world.


Totally inspired. How can we map the RAH World Tour in an equally personal and rad way?


From top to bottom – Kreuzberg, Germany / NYC, USA / Venice, Italy / To Houshi Onsen, Japan. 


(images Hanna Waldron)

We must have a Cork Globe. Have you seen the RAH World Tour map? It’s the perfect addition to RAH HQ! 


(via Swissmiss - images Suck)

More than just a map, Famille Summerbelle provides a different sort of guide to cities they love. Wanna tour the quirky side of Paris life… or how about spotting references to Woody Allen movies in New York City? Or how about the spots in London they find super special? But you better take notes because these pieces of art are way too special to fold up and stick in your back pocket!


(via CreativeRoots - photos Familee Summerbelle)

World map made of 3,000 coins from Swedish graphic design studio Bedow. Each continent is made up of coins reppin’ countries in the continent. Rad? Hellz yeah!


(photos Bedow)

Hellz yeah that’s a mother f’in globe in goldenrod! So totally rad and so totally RAH. And so are the kraft brown and sea foam green versions! And the pencil holder and paper clip dishes? Drool-worthy office supplies that need to make it’s way to RAH HQ. 


Hailing from Copenhagen, Atmosphere and all their goodness does not disappoint. 

Totally in love with Susan Stockwell’s Sail Away.


"… SAIL AWAY considered connections through travel, trade, mapping, personal and social histories. The materials used represent the unknown links we have with the past and each other, connecting us to all of the people who have handled the materials in the past. Boats are often symbolic of the transition from the material to the spiritual world, acting as carriers for our dreams, vessels for our adventures."


We have a jar overflowing with coins, a wallet stuffed of bills, and a wall covered in train, subway, and bus tickets collected from our RAD AND HUNGRY Sourcing Trips. Sail Away makes me wanna turn our office into one big interactive exhibit.


(via designboom - photos via Susan Stockwell)

RAH World Tour

The excitement of adding a pin to the RAH World Tour map never wears off. We made the pins with colored tape, neon labels, and sewing pins. Red for our 1st World Tour, orange for the 2nd, and green for the 3rd. 

RAH World Tour Map

RAH World Tour Map

RAH World Tour Map

And although we super love our map from Knock, we so badly want the World Map designed by Oliver Jeffers. Are two maps overkill? Do you have a world map that records where you’ve visited?


This year we added 7 countries new to the RAH World Tour and now it’s time to plan our 4th World Tour! Wanna join us?

(images 1,2,3 - RAD AND HUNGRY, images 4,5,6 - Oliver Jefferes)

Look at these lovely maps of Helsinki from Finnish design extraordinaire, Lotta Nieminen. Super rad, no?


(images Lotta Nieminen)

Get lost. Can’t stop staring at these beauties – the abstract patterns are totally mesmerizing. The maps may not include street names but guaranteed they will take you somewhere magical.


(via Colossalimages via Jassberry Blue)


We have a lot of Spanish phrase books at RAH HQ – Mexican Spanish, Costa Rican Spanish, Spain Spanish…. And growing up I learned that my Korean was “country” and not spoken in Seoul. Have you ever wondered if you have an American accent? Or if words you use are regional?


Joshua Katz, Department of Statistics, NC State University compiled data and created 22 maps illustrating regional dialects and words in the US. Looks like I pronounce crayon like an East Coaster despite being raised in Seattle! Check the rest of the maps –they’re totally fascinating.


(images Business Insider)