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The USA Booster Pack? It’s just beggin’ you to start writing some letters.

These vintage stamps (from 1962!) can NOT be missed. Celebratin’ the 50th anniversary of Arizona’s addition as the 48th US state, these beautifully textured bad boys were specially printed on a Giori press. Stick ‘em on one of the retro Air Mail envelopes (included in the Booster Pack), write up a letter using the American Naturals pencil (also included!) and get ready to impress the postman.



Yurt Life is a state of mind – and its home turf be summer. We’ve got the goods to get you day dreaming and scheming. One 1940’s-hailin’ pen, two pocket-sized memo pads, a big honkin’ clip, and five manila pockets to collect all your goodies. It’s STMT X USA!RAD AND HUNGRY STMT X USA KitRAD AND HUNGRY STMT X USA Kit


This batch of office supplies? 100% inspired by our road trip to the desert. Where we stayed in a YURT! And not just any yurt – a yurt in the middle of a vineyard, at the edge of the Columbia Gorge (helloooo, amazing views!), with golf carts rollin’ around to pick you up and give tours.

Obviously a far cry from camping (#glamping for life!), but something about the desert surroundings made us think of old-school camping supplies – the metal plates and dishes, the green of Boy Scout uniforms, the days when you’d head out when a pen and notepad and catalog all the cool shit you found. We had to make the USA Kit travel friendly – ready to go on an adventure at a moment’s notice. It’s the Yurt Life, in office supply form. Ready for you to find your adventure.




What’s Jerry Seinfeld’s secret to continued success? A honkin’ big wall calendar! Every January, he hangs a year-at-a-glance calendar on his office wall. For every day that he writes, he marks a big phat “X”. The goal? Don’t Break the Chain.

Inspired by his method, we created our own monthly calendar from the STMT X Denmark Kit sketchbook and our collection of neon labels. I needed a system to force myself to slow down – time to flesh out new ideas, to form a coherent sentence out of a zillion loose thoughts. So for every day that I sit and write for 20 mins – I get to give the day a big ‘ol hug.We designed our own calendar because… well, we like makin’ shit. It’s fun for us – we like using rad office supplies and trickin’ ‘em out however we want. But we know that ain’t everyone’s jam. Some people just want the tools ready to go.


Paper calendars and planners are super popular in Korea (despite everyone and their grandma having a smartphone!). Walk into any stationery store, any time of the year, and you’ll find entire sections dedicated to calendars. Korean students go through paper planners in an alarming rate. Each day is chock full with an endless list – from school, cram school (hagwon), and one-on-one tutoring, to homework, lessons, and tests.

Students aren’t the only people obsessing over calendars. Housekeeping calendars and calendar-style “cash books” are equally popular. Cash books document every penny earned and every penny spent with so much detail it makes any transaction seem like a BIG transaction – even if it’s only ₩1,000 (approx. $1) for dukbokki.Of course, in a country with such a crush on all things calendars – we had to bring some home. Several options to chose from, all perfect for toting around. Which means if you want to test out Jerry’s method for yourself – whether you want to write every day, cook every day, photograph every day, be RAD every day – you have your calendar there, ready to mark with a big phat X.

Nab up a Korean calendar now. If you’re the DIY type, get yourself an STMT X Denmark Kit or download a calendar we designed for y’all. Either way, you’re ready to get crackin’ and start your own chain.

Simple and totally functional. LOVE the Clicktape by dutch designer Derk Reilink. Do we really need a tape dispenser that eats up half our desk? Not us. We got way too many rad office supplies to show off! 


(via designboom - photos Derk Reilink)

We want, we need this desk organizer, Shkatulka. Organize the marble and wood pieces to house your office supplies, any way you want ‘em. Russian designer Lesha Galkin nails form + function, no? 


(via Trendhunger - images Lesha Galkin)

How much do you love the pretty office supplies we nabbed in Ukraine?! We been hoardin’ these goods – so so hard to part with our favorites. But it’s true, everything is better when shared with RAHstrs. Nab the Blue Notebook & Pen Set or the Peach Set before they’re all gone!


(STMT X Ukraine Sourcing Tripphotos RAD AND HUNGRY)

When was the last time you looked at a chunk of wood and was like… I’m gonna carve a stash of office supplies out of you? Like never? Thank goodness Camilla Barnard did because her office supply sculptures are super rad!!


(via Swissmiss)

Inspiring. A rainbow of office supplies organized neatly. Kontor Kontur makes us wanna stop what we’re doing and photograph all the goods at RAH HQ!


(via Fast Company)

Music makes everything better… and sometimes sexier. Like this video illustrating the parts of a ballpoint pen. 

Hellz yeah that’s a mother f’in globe in goldenrod! So totally rad and so totally RAH. And so are the kraft brown and sea foam green versions! And the pencil holder and paper clip dishes? Drool-worthy office supplies that need to make it’s way to RAH HQ. 


Hailing from Copenhagen, Atmosphere and all their goodness does not disappoint.