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When was the last time you looked at a chunk of wood and was like… I’m gonna carve a stash of office supplies out of you? Like never? Thank goodness Camilla Barnard did because her office supply sculptures are super rad!!


(via Swissmiss)

Inspiring. A rainbow of office supplies organized neatly. Kontor Kontur makes us wanna stop what we’re doing and photograph all the goods at RAH HQ!


(via Fast Company)

Music makes everything better… and sometimes sexier. Like this video illustrating the parts of a ballpoint pen. 

Hellz yeah that’s a mother f’in globe in goldenrod! So totally rad and so totally RAH. And so are the kraft brown and sea foam green versions! And the pencil holder and paper clip dishes? Drool-worthy office supplies that need to make it’s way to RAH HQ. 


Hailing from Copenhagen, Atmosphere and all their goodness does not disappoint. 

Look at Erica Weiner’s beautiful collection of jewelry made with or inspired by office supplies. Necklaces with vintage fountain pen nibs, tiny alphabet letterpress blocks turned into earrings, super simple thumbtack shaped studs, and totally OG gangasta wax seal rings!? How badly do we want one of everything?! Don’t you?


(images Erica Weiner)

FREAKIN’ out over The Pencil Collection necklaces from Karina Jean Sharpe!! Born out of an upcycling challenge, Karina carved the lead out of a broken pencil then threaded the pieces with an unraveling knit! So genius!


Thanks for the tip, @sodelay!


(photos Karina Jean Sharpe)


SUPER rare find. Vintage made-in-Mexico mechanical pencils with a molded plastic body and metal pocket clip. These bad boys are “deadstock” — aka, they ain’t never been used, and you can’t find them in stores. 


Want one? Get one.



Travel Shorts // Mexico + Office Supplies

El Tintero, Stationary Shop in Puebla


Puebla was awesome and welcoming and inspiring in so many ways – but the can’t-be-beat highlight? We discovered a stationary shop so amazing and with so much history – almost had a heart attack from all the rad. El Tintero is the oldest stationery shop in town (66 years standing) and the owner, Juan, gave us a tour of their private collection of office machinery. The room was like a secret museum – you accessed it by climbing a tall and narrow spiral staircase (built by the same factory that built the Eiffel Tower!) to the top floor of a colonial house converted into a store. It was AMAZING. It was magical. It was everything I love so deeply wrapped up in one – travel, design and office supplies.

RAD AND HUNGRY Travel Short, El Tintero in Puebal, Mexico

RAD AND HUNGRY Travel Short, El Tintero in Puebal, Mexico

RAD AND HUNGRY Travel Short, El Tintero in Puebal, Mexico

RAD AND HUNGRY Travel Short, El Tintero in Puebal, Mexico

I kept telling Juan that visiting his shop was like a dream come true. I was that kid in the candy store… touching everything, wanting everything. My mind was racing and all I could think was that I somehow managed to win the lottery. Juan took interest in my interest… He shared the history of his father and how he had started the business. I kept comin’ back over the next few days, and Juan showed me more and more of the old colonial building and shared more history. I saw photos of his father and awards that he won. I didn’t want to leave this magical place. If it wasn’t for RAD AND HUNGRY, I would of asked Juan for a job on the spot. I wanted to be a registrar for his shop – I wanted to examine every item in the shop and catalog it.

RAD AND HUNGRY Travel Short, El Tintero in Puebal, Mexico

RAD AND HUNGRY Travel Short, El Tintero in Puebal, Mexico

RAD AND HUNGRY Travel Short, El Tintero in Puebal, Mexico

RAD AND HUNGRY Travel Short, El Tintero in Puebal, Mexico

Before finding El Tintero, we had already checked out 18 stationery shops that were all identical. Every shop carried the same Scribe notebooks, same design and colors, the same pencils. El Tintero stocked that same stuff, too, BUT they had more… We scored mad amounts of vintage goods – 100% because Juan was so amazing. He gave me permission to wander his massive shop aimlessly. Didn’t take long before I discovered a shit ton of vintage office supplies. I’m talking paper font stencils, bottles of ink, pencils, all types of forms… I was losing my shit. I weaved in out of aisles, I climbed ladders searching for hidden treasures, I crawled into small spaces and after each day exploring as much as I could, I was covered in dust, hands black, and I loved it.


Hunting for goods will never mean the same – thanks to Juan and his shop, it’s on some next-level shit.

(photos RAD AND HUNGRY Sourcing Trip)

El Tintero
8 Oriente No. 12 y 14 , Col. Centro, Pueblo, Mexico

Pencil holder in the shape of a ferrule? Yes please! And the eraser is a secret storage spot! How cool is this?! 


Thanks for the tip, Carolyn!


(photos via Artori Design)

A right-angle stapler? Staples in the shape of right angles!! Does the photo show several stapled packs of paper perfectly stacked? You know what this means, right? No more flipping and rotating packs to avoid lopsided stacks!


Thanks for the tip, Alexandra! 


(photos via Yanko Design)