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The USA Booster Pack? It’s just beggin’ you to start writing some letters.

These vintage stamps (from 1962!) can NOT be missed. Celebratin’ the 50th anniversary of Arizona’s addition as the 48th US state, these beautifully textured bad boys were specially printed on a Giori press. Stick ‘em on one of the retro Air Mail envelopes (included in the Booster Pack), write up a letter using the American Naturals pencil (also included!) and get ready to impress the postman.


Crazy cool vessels made of pencils from Finnish designer Tuomas Markunpoika. Always blown away when someone can take a pencil, a daily diet good, and transform it into something far from basic. 


(via designboom)

Aesthetic, Avant-Garde, Bricolage, Sentimentality, Sublime, and Sfumato – Six Keywords Pencils from The School of Life. The Visual Arts Pencil Set comes with 6 pencils, each pencil imprinted with one of the six words, and a booklet that explains each word and why it was selected. Other sets include Literary Criticism and Psychoanalysis. LOVE.


(photos via The School of Life)

First BIC, now rOtring… but we’re not complaining. We love that classic companies are staying current by offering new goods. More rad to add to our collection of writing instruments!! 


Super lovin’ the new rOtring 800+. A mechanical .7mm pencil on one end, stylus tip on the other.


(via CoolHunting)

The Fine Line Between Hoarding & Collecting


A three-part system for fighting the good fight between the two.

What’s the difference between a hoarder and a collector? A hoarder leaves everything in uncontained piles that spill into all areas. A collector keeps their shit organized.

My father started my record collection and fed it weekly. When I was in the 4th grade, he gifted me his entire stamp collection. Why? He couldn’t handle seeing his stamps not perfectly lined up after I tore through his albums. Thankfully my mother was a pro at keeping house. Never a dirty dish in the house, not a spec of dust on any surface, vacuum cleaner marks on the carpet – always. If it wasn’t for my mother, my father would be hoarder, not a collector!


Me? I’m forever straddling the line between hoarder and collector. I collect pencils, sugar packets, and hotel do-not-disturb door signs. I’m a numismatist (banknotes and coins), phillumenist (matchbooks), tegestologist (beer mats), and philatelist (stamps). Seriously – what don’t I collect?

Oh, and pencils. So so many pencils. The RAD AND HUNGRY collection is massive and it’s nonstop growing. We discover new styles every sourcing trip, and I can’t resist them. I must have them all! But my obsession with pencils was quickly turning me into a hoarder. Didn’t matter that we’re constantly going through our inventory, our pencil collection was out of control.

We needed a way to organize the pencils, making it easy to find what we’re after and to rediscover what’s in our collection. Inventory software is nice, but sometimes it’s just faster and easier to handle the pencils than search the database.

So how do we do it? A three-part system. The first is simple and used for archiving every type of pencil in our collection – yes, one of every pencil we’ve ever purchased. The pencils are organized by color in Bonne Maman jam jars. Yes, jam jars. I love their jam and the shape of the jars, so $5 a jar is totally worth it.


The second system catalogs our pencil inventory – the stash we include in Pencil Packs, Rad Bags, or custom kits. The pencils are organized by category and stored in 35mm film strip protectors, all housed in binders. It’s super helpful for viewing – by company, style, country, color, etc. We use Clear File Archival Classic protectors. $4.95 for a pack of 25. So many options for binders, but we keep it simple – 1.5” Avery Heavy Duty binder in black. $7.95+. Depending on your style and budget, you can find binders as low as $2.


The last system is for storing our special stash – rare finds, special occasion, vintage pencils – and pencil boxes that I can’t bear to toss. The pencils are organized inside pencil boxes that are then placed in a vintage Logan metal 35 mm slide storage box. I found our first metal storage boxes for $2 each at a local thrift store. You can find used and new ones online ranging from $10 - $45 per box. (But seriously, check out that local thrift shop!)


Do you collect pencils or pens? How do you store them? Post photos to our Facebook wall or tweet at us so we can see how you do. Maybe your system will help us fight the good fight between hoarding and collecting.




Navigating the hustlin’, peddlin’ beat of Stationery Square. Spanish skillz put to the test but we ain’t fooled. One light-bulb-moment pencil, one happy college notebook, and one phat pack of matchin’ labels – it’s STMT X CHILE!



Fell hard for these notebooks the second we saw ‘em. Oh-so-bright covers sportin’ a happy dude on a bicycle? YES PLEASE. Brought us back to our school days – so of course we had to complete the full-on campus picture. A pencil to inspire your next genius spark, and labels to keep yo shit organized. College may be long behind us, but we still dig the vibe

If you were asked to design the brand identity and packaging for a pencil company, what would it look like? We know what designer and letterer Winston Scully would do… type driven and classy. Too bad Imperial Pencil Co. is a class project. We wouldn’t mind adding a one of the Imperial Pencil Co. boxes to our pencil box collection!



Mind playing tricks on you? Yup. Awesome Fakus pencil cases are super flat yet totally 3D. It’s like Roy Lichtenstein & Mondrian making babies… aka pencils cases that are graphic, bold, and totally rad!


(via designboom)

Happy National Pencil Day! 

We got too many favorite pencils that we love. If you were to force us to chose… we’d have to go with a few pencils in our heavy rotation – the BIC Tropicolors 2, Viking Element, Vintage Scripto Thinline, and Happy Time 12 colored pencil set.


Do you have a favorite pencil? We wanna know what it is – please share a photo of it on our Facebook page or tweet at us @radandhungry. Thanks! 


(photos RAD AND HUNGRY) 


I don’t know what came first – my obsession with goldenrod pencils or sneakers. Flip through my parent’s photo albums and you’ll find photos of me, pencil in hand.


A year after our move to the States. From left to right, sister, mom’s friend, brother, mother, and me rockin’ a goldenrod pencil and a sheet of paper.


My pencil collection started off heavy on the pink, with a healthy mix of holiday and themed pencils, AND an impressive selection of pencils with toppers. Now my collection is heavy on the goldenrod, with a healthy mix from around the world.

What I didn’t realize was happening during our World Tour? Our hunt for goods planted and nurtured another obsession of mine – the BIC Cristal pen.



Read the rest of the post to learn how we got started on the BIC love. (Oh, AND to hear how we got started off on that Freestyle collection!)