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Hilarious commercial for BIC permanent markers. Mary… Change your telephone number! 


Loud-and-proud tackiest of tack to too-cool-for-school VIP of VIPs – a clash of culturesmeant to be. One in-yo-face ballpoint pen pencil, one notebook worthy of a Korean drama, and one smooooth felt tip pen – it’s STMT X KOREA!



Korean culture be all about the contrast. In Seoul, we’ll go from buyin’ the gaudiest of shirts (cream with phat cobalt stripes and an owl photo transfer and big pearls glued on it… ooooh yeah!) – to checkin’ the fanciest T-shirt you’ll ever see in a high-end concept shop. It’s the dueling contrasts that make us love Korea so much.


So for our 3rd Korea Kit, we said “Hellz yes!” to that contrast. From notebooks with over-the-top amaze-balls graphics, to one of the finest felt tip pens we’ve ever spied – the Korea Kit has got it ALL goin’ on!


Shop the Korea Kit, and read the Low Down to hear about the culture clash that happens when a Korean American heads to Seoul.

How much do you love the pretty office supplies we nabbed in Ukraine?! We been hoardin’ these goods – so so hard to part with our favorites. But it’s true, everything is better when shared with RAHstrs. Nab the Blue Notebook & Pen Set or the Peach Set before they’re all gone!


(STMT X Ukraine Sourcing Tripphotos RAD AND HUNGRY)

As if our love of all things BIC Cristal couldn’t grow any more insane!! They’ve released a Cristal Stylus Pen! Ballpoint tip for jotting down notes on paper and a rubber bottom for working your touchscreen device.


But what’s up with the US version? The silver version (top two images) resembles the classic Cristal design that we love so much. The US version is kinda… blah. Do Stateside people really need a pen clip? 


(via Gizmodo - images Gizmodo, Staples)


As much as we want to horde ALL THE BICs… we won’t. So while we’ll be keepin’ one of each new BIC Cristal we find, the rest we’re layin’ out on the table for you RAHstrs. Get your own collection started with these sweet starter packs.

We got some sets with all black or blue ink, and some kick-ass ombre styles that include scented ink (who doesn’t want a minty pen?). These BIC Cristals hail from all over the globe – a nice lil’ kit to get you started!











I don’t know what came first – my obsession with goldenrod pencils or sneakers. Flip through my parent’s photo albums and you’ll find photos of me, pencil in hand.


A year after our move to the States. From left to right, sister, mom’s friend, brother, mother, and me rockin’ a goldenrod pencil and a sheet of paper.


My pencil collection started off heavy on the pink, with a healthy mix of holiday and themed pencils, AND an impressive selection of pencils with toppers. Now my collection is heavy on the goldenrod, with a healthy mix from around the world.

What I didn’t realize was happening during our World Tour? Our hunt for goods planted and nurtured another obsession of mine – the BIC Cristal pen.



Read the rest of the post to learn how we got started on the BIC love. (Oh, AND to hear how we got started off on that Freestyle collection!)



Gorgeous 1950’s-script logotype awesomeness? Yes please! This spiral notepad with rounded corners comes in two styles – blank sheets or gray ruled (the ruled sheets include a header box for page number and date, with a footer box for notes). Made in Argentina. Approx. 45 sheets, with the whole thing measurin’ in at 6” x 8.5”.


This set ALSO includes one blue AND one red BIC “OPACO” ballpoint pen – NOT found in North America. Hexagon-shaped barrel with a brass medium point and tungsten carbide ball. Yeah, BICs can be ballin’. Grab yours now!



Did you know that we stock vintage office supplies? We can’t hoard them forever! Stoked to be rollin’ out goods from USA, Mexico, Spain, Germany, and more. Check out our vintage selection!


(photos RAH)

Watch Bic Cristal (STMT X France Kit) vs Fino (STMT X Canada Fino/Fine) pens do their dance. Love the catchy tune! Happy Friday y’all!

There’s no denying our love for paperclips. And this?! This pen hook clip resembling a paperclip has us head over heals in love!