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Bumpin’ Amy Winehouse’s cover of The Girl From Ipanema nonstop… our month of all things Brazil is quickly coming to an end! 2 days till we announce the March STMT Kit!

It’s Monday. I’m getting my Herbie Hancock on - cleaning screens with a nylon brush. Rock It!

Wednesday hump day pickup… Love the song, love the video so much more! It’s AMAZING. Video takes lines drawn with graphite and “connecting the dots” to the next level.

Who watched Beyoncé KILL IT during the halftime show? Pretty soon she’s gonna be playin’ backup to her little babe – BIC.


"Glory… You don’t yet know what swag is but you was made in Paris…"

Never too early to start #bootyclappin! We’re reppin’ London city all month long! Yeahhhman!

FRIDAY!! A whole lotta #bootyclappin, our version of Berliner Weisse, bumpin’ Return of the Mack, slick moves & phat gold chains. #gangsta

Working on something so awesome we’re feeling like a “Million Dollar Bill.” Can’t wait to share (and yes, we’re still on a Whitney Houston kick)!!

A Sunday Kind of Love // Etta James


Pour one out for Etta, y’all. Today’s the day to remember some old favorites. And we double dare a RAHstr to bust out the Etta at karaoke tonight.

Celebratin’ all the love for STMT X France! Throwin’ back bubbly and bustin’ out new dance moves to Que Veux-Tu. We WANT TCHIKI TAH MAN!! 

Merry Christmas! Hope Santa hooked you up with stylie loot and brought (purple) snowflakes your way!


Purple Snowflakes // Marvin Gaye